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Business Cards as a personal marketing form

Business Cards are not dead. Many companies and individuals still use business cards in different ways as a personalised marketing solution. A good first impression can end with a business card which will leave a lasting impression. Many industries still use networking events to market their businesses or specialists, which is why business cards are still very much part of any good marketing strategy. Industries such as real estate, personal care, medical, consulting and finance still rely heavily on the need for personalised business cards.

Many salons and medical establishments will use the back of their business cards to schedule appointments or apply a reward system for their clientele. Creative business cards are just as popular – bakeries use edible business cards while specialist knife suppliers give out business cards that double as a tool. Credit card sized business cards can be adapted to be a multi-tool or bottle opener when designed properly. The possibilities are endless with a good business idea and business card design to match.

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