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Vehicle branding from Signarama

From the design concept to the final installation, the experts at Signarama can assist with vehicle branding suited to your industry, brand, and budget. Whether you wish to wrap a single vehicle or your entire fleet, we provide quality services that will put your business in the spotlight wherever you go.

Our team will collaborate with your business to ensure that the final design exceeds your expectations. From lettering to one-way vision window signs, we can create striking designs to catch the eye of your target market.

Why vehicle branding is important for your business

Harnessing the potential of signage is the most cost-efficient and effective marketing strategy for any business. Whether you intend to brand a single vehicle or create a cohesive company fleet, this signage is exceptional for creating high-impact and long-lasting advertising.

Investing in this signage solution offers your business a 24/7 mobile billboard. As advertising that goes wherever you go, you can market to potential clients in a manner that is more likely to yield a return.

Our quality solutions are highly durable to provide years of use. With UV and weather resistance, our solutions can withstand all climates to allow you to easily establish and grow your business and your bottom line!

Types available from Signarama

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are made from heavy-duty vinyl that is designed, manufactured and cut to the exact specifications of your vehicle. These large vinyl designs can cover the entirety of a car, bakkie, truck or van to create an eye-catching, on the move marketing campaign.

To suit the adaptability of all design styles, we offer three kinds of wraps:

  • Full Wrap: This covers all the vehicle’s panels and includes one-way vision signage on the rear window.

  • Three Quarter Wrap: This covers most of the vehicle’s panels, excluding one quarter.

  • Half Wrap: This covers a selected side of panels on the vehicle and the rear window.

Vehicle Lettering

Our lettering, suitable for any vehicle, is cut from high-quality vinyl and applied by our experienced installation team. The decals used for lettering are all pre-spaced and pre-masked to allow for a single application. This provides long-lasting use when properly maintained as it is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking.

Lettering helps provide your business vehicles with an edge to help market on the go without damaging your vehicle’s exterior. This process is relatively quick to complete.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are suitable for all vehicle applications. These are made by printing the desired design onto high-quality vinyl. These are typically known as stickers or vehicle graphics and can include anything from images to lettering.

One-Way Vision

Our one-way vision signs are digitally designed solutions printed onto high-grade vinyl. These signs are typically placed on rear windows of all kinds to maximise the advertising space of the vehicle.

True to its name, these signs do not interfere with the driver’s ability to navigate, as they are see-through from inside the vehicle. This signage also provides added privacy and temperature control benefits.

Magnetic Signs

By producing a customised, high-quality vinyl design and placing it onto magnetic backing, we can provide stunning magnetic vehicle signs. These signs are laminated to provide an attractive glossy appearance.

Magnetic signs are ideal for their temporary qualities, which allow them to be placed on any vehicle and removed as needed. These signs are not suitable for aluminium vehicles.

Important considerations

The industry you are in will largely impact your design and which type will best suit your needs. For example, medical professionals generally opt for more simplistic vehicle graphics and one-way vision signs to effectively market and protect their brand.

Depending on the industry, larger vehicles such as trucks are better suited for full vehicle wraps to deliver the most significant impact for the business concerned. Smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, are better suited to vehicle lettering and decals. No matter the industry you are in or the size of the vehicles you wish to brand, the professionals at Signarama can assist.

Once the potential realised, the first step on the path to growing your business’s brand is ensuring that your design elements are on track. Here are some vital considerations:

  • The design should be clear, concise and attractive.

  • Graphics should accurately represent your brand.

  • Short and sweet is the best approach for this on-the-move solution.

  • Designs should catch the eye of your target market.

  • Your business logo and contact details should be visible.

With years of experience behind us, we are the ideal choice to be your business’s signage partner. Our team can assist you in creating a distinct design that suits your brand and catches the attention of your target audience.

Our process

Once you have decided to invest in exceptional signage from Signarama, our team provides the stellar service to ensure a seamless process – from design to installation. Here’s how:

  • Our team is briefed by the client to outline their design requirements.

  • The vehicle to be branded is brought in for measurements to record exact specifications.

  • We prepare a quote for approval.

  • Once accepted, the final branding design is sent for approval.

  • Once approved, the vehicle will be booked in to complete the installation.

With multiple locations across Southern Africa, we can assist small and large businesses with cohesively branding their fleet – no matter where they are.

Choose excellence, choose Signarama

Choosing Signarama for your signage needs means choosing excellence. Our team takes the utmost care when dealing with every client to provide a smooth process. This ensures that their specific demands are fully addressed, resulting in bespoke signage - the Signarama way!

We work with the best technology in the signage industry to offer quality signage solutions. With expert workmanship, we provide superb design and application for all your needs. If you are interested in vehicle branding that suits your industry, brand and specific needs, please get in touch with your nearest Signarama store.

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