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TouchShield™ anti-microbial protective film is 24/7 protection against bacteria and viruses. This self-adhesive film is ISO certified:

  • 99.99% Bacterial Protection PVC and 99.99% PET

  • 96.98% Viral Protection PVC and 99.99% PET

  • Inclusive of silver ion technology, the active ingredient for destruction of bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

How it works

The technology works through the measured, slow release of electrostatically bound monovalent silver ions from novel di-phosphorus pentoxide glass structures, which serves to create an ‘active’ ion reservoir. Through atmospheric moisture, the positive charge of the silver ions is maintained. The silver ions act to break down the ‘active negatively charged’ cell membrane outer layer of the bacterium or virus pathogen, thereby neutralizing this active functional layer and deactivating the pathogen. The ‘core’ is now exposed and rendered inactive through attack by more active species.

Why use TouchShield™

  • It is proven to instil confidence in business environments.

  • The >6-month lifespan of the product delivers attractive cost vs benefit.

  • Adhesive technologies deliver clean and residue free removability.

  • Promote your business through co-branding TouchShield™ window stickers and tent cards throughout your business.

It fits onto…

  • Doors

  • Touchscreens

  • Desks

  • Tabletops

  • Bar counters

  • Meeting rooms

  • Retail counters

  • Retail trolley handles

How to order…

To order this product, reach out to your closest Signarama store through visiting our stores page.

* Vinyl product is clear, colours shown are illustrative only.

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