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Sneeze and cough guards for health and safety

Protective sneeze and cough guards reduce the risk of exposure and inhalation of COVID-19 and other microorganisms by acting as a barrier between people. As it has been proven that some people who are infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, an effective safety mechanism had to be instituted to curb the spread of this infectious disease. Thus, the need for social distancing protocols, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene measures. Sneeze and cough guards are one such measure as they act as a physical barrier between employees and customers, protecting both people on opposites side of these screens.

Sneeze and cough guards can be custom made with bases or to fit in pre-existing bases for ease of use. These guards can also be produced in a V-shape for maximum protection. These plastic guards are portable, lightweight and transparent, adding to the convenience of these products. These guards can also be custom branded if required.

Sneeze and cough guards can be fixed with screws to counters for long-term use or installed by the use of industrial double-sided tape. These guards are suited for cashier points, takeout counters, tellers, call centres or anywhere a safety barrier is required. Most safety barriers or screens are required where employees are customer facing in any establishment that has high foot traffic. If you need a lightweight and fairly unobtrusive method of protecting your employees at work, sneeze and cough guards are the perfect solution. Any back of office can be safely utilised by employees working side-by-side or are facing each other.

Temporary or fixed barrier solutions

Due to the fact that COVID-19 and possibly future pandemics may occur, a new way of operating within our workplace will be required. Personal protection barriers will become the norm within retail spaces, medical spaces, workplaces and hospitality or entertainment environments. Not to mention the need to adequately protect learners in all establishments. Sneeze and cough guards are a great way to not only socially distance employees and learners but protect them from contamination and the possible spread of highly infectious diseases.

These guards are easy to install, easy to clean and provide a great barrier due to the following traits of plastic:

  • Non-porous and non-reactive.

  • Heat resistant and stain resistant.

  • Vermin do not breed or eat these guards.

  • Anti-allergenic as it is non-porous.

  • Stain resistant.

These guards can be cleaned with a mild dish washing detergent and water mixture and dried with a micro-fibre cloth ensuring a long-life and hygienic product that protects the health of employees, customers, learners, educators, visitors, patients and the community as a whole. Reach out to your local Signarama store today if you require sneeze and cough guards, PPE or signage solutions related to the fight against COVID-19.

Sneeze and cough guards can be temporary solutions or fixed solutions. Depending on the need for these guards, we would recommend temporary guards for educational and call centre applications as the number of people within these environments can fluctuate often. Retailers and medical institutions where till points or information points are set, can benefit from permanent sneeze and cough guards.

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