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Safety signage for COVID-19

The use of safety signage during the global pandemic is required by regulation, to ensure controls and measures needed to guard the safety of any person, are communicated effectively. Various hygiene protocols and social distancing measures have been implemented to effectively curb the spread of COVID-19 and these measures will be enforced for the foreseeable future.

These signs can include proper handwashing guidelines, proper hand sanitising guidelines, communicating social distancing measures, encouraging coughing and sneezing hygiene etiquette as well as operating procedures or guidelines in light of developments within the country or industry. Professional safety signage solutions are still required in uncertain times to effectively communicate not only general health and safety information but crisis or pandemic information. The use of such signage is required in order to promote proper hygiene and safety measures which protects both employees and the general public.

Safety signage solutions

Posters can be used to communicate social distancing protocols, hand washing stations, hand sanitising stations, changed processes or systems, operating hours, personal hygiene etiquette and more.

Sanitising stations
Branded sanitising stations that are set up for the practising of sanitising hands, shopping baskets, shopping trolleys etc. These stations can be branded with safety measures or instructions for the convenience of customers, visitors, or patients at an establishment.

A range of decals or stickers compliment the effort of protecting staff and the public alike. Stickers can be placed on hand sanitisers with messages, social distancing stickers can be placed on floors to encourage safe distance protocols, stickers can also be placed on trolleys or counters that encourage good hygiene practices. Consider messages that encourage hand washing or sanitising, social distancing and sneezing or coughing etiquette.

Perspex dividers
Perspex dividers can be used to cordon off or separate people, that are side-by-side, in various institutions to combat the transmission of COVID-19. Perspex dividers are suited to applications such as waiting areas, banking institutions, call centres, testing centres, reception areas, restaurants, fast-food outlets, ATM’s and more. Signarama can create Perspex dividers for custom applications and specifications as required.

Cough and sneeze guards
Cough and sneeze guards are similar to Perspex dividers but are meant for client or visitor facing applications such as sales counters, paying points, till points and information counters. These guards can be custom made and installed according to specifications provided.

Face shields
Client facing staff members require the best in personal protection equipment when the use of cotton or material masks is not practical, PET face shields are a safe and effective alternative. These transparent shields cover the entire face and are non-absorbent and easy to clean.

Counter graphics
A range of counter graphics can be used to inform, educate, and warn consumers, visitors or employees of certain restrictions, hygiene protocols or operational concerns.

Signarama recognises that we all have a clear duty to protect not only ourselves, but the general public at large, which is why we are committed to providing the best in quality and service during such unprecedented times. Get in touch with your local Signarama store if you require signage or PPE for your business.

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