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Road Signage | Manufactured to South African Standards

Road signage is crucial for providing drivers and road users with important information. They present the road rules that road users are to abide by and provide a clear line of communication to maintain order. By adhering to road signs, s accidents are reduced in number, with drivers and pedestrians kept safe.

These signs typically use pictures and symbols to communicate their message, as symbols are more widely understood across various languages. This makes creating clear road signs essential to correctly communicate their intended message.

Due to their essential nature, road signs must follow specific regulations and meet clear standards. As industry experts, Signarama strictly adheres to the South African standards that outline road signage specifications. We can provide the best road signage solutions, from quality reflective vinyl to intricate steelwork.

Where is road signage most commonly used?

• National roads
• Public roads
• Private Roads
• Construction sites
• Parking areas
• Public events

How Signarama can assist

Road signage comes in many shapes and colours to symbolise various meanings. Each combination will lead to a different interpretation that assists drivers in safely reaching their destination. At Signarama, we have experience executing successful road signage that meets regulations regarding colour and shapes.

These signs need to be placed strategically during installation to be seen clearly by their intended audience. We can help ensure that these signs are helpful in their location, and consider and avoid potential hazards.

The main types of road signs:

  • Regulatory signs: These control spaces through commands by outlining prohibition and reservations.

  • Warning signs: These provide further information about road layouts and correct direction.

  • Guidance signs: These offer location guidance through direction and route markers.

  • Temporary signs: These outline temporary commands and prohibitions for a certain area.

Our signage solutions include:

  1. Street signs
    We utilise high-quality materials to manufacture and execute long-lasting road signs, including freestanding solutions.

  2. Safety signs
    This signage offers crucial warnings for upcoming obstacles or possible dangers on the road. We design comprehensive visuals to ensure long-lasting safety results.

  3. Wayfinding signs
    An important part of road signage includes wayfinding, which provides essential guidance and information to direct drivers and pedestrians.

  4. Temporary signs
    These signs are utilised in temporary road situations, such as during construction or road maintenance.

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