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Poster signage solutions for COVID-19

Speak to us about poster signage. Educating employees, consumers, visitors or patients on best practices or precautions related to COVID-19 is easy with our range of posters and snapper frames. In an ever-changing environment, the need for dynamic marketing or information materials exists as business owners constantly update systems, processes, products, services, or notices as they change or evolve. Using snapper frames and posters to do this, enables businesses with a professional and easy way of communicating to employees, visitors, patients, or customers.

Snapper frames and posters are ideal for fast changing environments or where foot traffic is heavy as they are attention grabbing and posters are easily interchangeable. Developing circumstances or notices can be accommodated with updated posters which are placed into the snapper frames. These frames are quick and easy to install and easy to manage.

Poster messages for COVID-19

The need for poster signage that convey messages are at an all-time high now, as this signage medium not only serves the purpose of displaying messages adequately but serve those who are hearing impaired and rely on visual cues to move around. Browse through the range of messages which can be communicated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Information on COVID-19 and how to protect yourself and others

  • Information on COVID-19 and how you can combat the spread

  • COVID-19 travel restrictions or information

  • Operating hours or the change of operating hours

  • Safety information and/or procedures

  • COVID-19 symptoms and what to do

  • Emergency procedures

  • How to use PPE

  • Hand washing or sanitising guidelines

  • Wayfinding information

  • Social distancing notices and protocols

  • Security protocols or warnings

  • Take-out, collection, pick-up and delivery procedures

  • Notices communicating the delivery of items

  • Temporary operating hours or procedures

  • Drive through notices

  • Testing notices and procedures

  • Visitation notices

  • Isolation protocols

  • Site safety

  • Encouraging messages

The placement of these posters should be in areas that are often frequented or are highly visible as many people may need to be reminded of certain safety concerns. This is especially true as this pandemic is a novel situation that no one is quite accustomed to. Providing safety signage not only cements the required protocols but serves as an important reminder which aids in spreading this disease and effectively flattening the infection curve.
Additional benefits of using posters to communicate messages is that they are relatively cheap marketing avenues, especially when printed in bulk. Further to this fact, posters are highly visible and encourage active responses from consumers that engage in activities in surroundings where posters are placed.

Poster sizes are typically sized as follows:

  • A0 – 841mm x 1189mm

  • A1 – 594mm x 841mm

  • A2 – 420mm x 594mm

  • A3 – 297mm x 420mm

  • A4 – 210mm x 297mm

Choose your poster size, include your message, and email your requirements to your nearest Signarama store. Store visits are not necessary, all correspondence can be done via email or telephone and delivery can be arranged. Contact your local Signarama store for assistance with COVID-19 related signage solutions.

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