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Perspex dividers suited for all applications

The use of Perspex dividers to protect the health of employees, shoppers or patients is an effective way of combatting the spread of COVID-19. The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to treat health threats in a new way. The way we work, learn and shop has changed, and we are all required to adapt appropriately. The use of Perspex dividers is to enforce the shelter in place mechanism for workers that are client-facing, and work side-by-side, in order to protect both themselves and clients from sneezing and coughing. These barriers are an effective method to practising both good hygiene and safety protocols within an establishment.

Perspex dividers are lightweight, transparent and do not obstruct sound which enables effective communication as well as security measures. These barriers further solidify the emphasis on effective social distancing protocols. Perspex dividers are a valuable mechanism in the fight against COVID-19 contamination as respiratory droplets containing the virus may land on the screen instead of being inhaled.

The benefits of Perspex screens

Besides being an effective barrier between people who communicate face-to-face often, Perspex has a multitude of additional benefits:

  • Perspex is versatile and can be custom designed and cut to fit any specification.

  • Solid barriers which are solid yet pliable.

  • Lightweight and transparent.

  • Cost-efficient and durable.

  • Waterproof and heat resistant.

  • Easy to clean and sanitise.

  • Anti-allergenic as Perspex does not accumulate dust, pollen and other microorganisms when regularly cleaned.

  • Easy to brand.

  • Stain resistant.

  • Perspex is non-reactive.

  • Non-porous which does not promote the growth or algae.

  • Acts as a poor substance for the breeding of insects.

  • Rodents do not eat it.

  • Vegetation cannot grow on or in it.

  • Perspex is an excellent substance to maintain health and hygiene standards.

Perspex is extremely easy to clean. Simply, use a duster to remove dust or debris from the surface, follow with cleaning the Perspex with a clean cloth and soapy solution, then use a soft clean cloth to wipe the screen dry. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions which may scratch the screen. Cleaning chemicals which should be avoided include those containing alcohol, ammonia or substances containing aromatics. We recommend using a microfibre cloth to wash and dry Perspex screens as these materials are non-abrasive. The use of dishwashing liquid and water is sufficient to clean the screens appropriately. Use one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to 1 litre of water for a good soapy solution.

If you require a hygienic protective screen for your establishment, contact your local Signarama store today for a quote.

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