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Neon signs will get your brand noticed!

Nothing glows like beautiful neon signs! These signs elicit an emotional response, perfect for advertising, with the fun and nostalgic feeling they create. Whether you prefer a traditional style and materials or the traditional style with a touch of modern technology, your closest Signarama has the ability to serve you with both – to leave you with an unmissable sign.

Your signage should be all about attracting attention to your brand, and our team helps you do just that. We are experienced in creating bespoke signage solutions that capture the essence of your brand to help you boost sales. The angles our signage manufacturers can create with new neon are excellent for lettering – all you have to do is specify your desired design elements, and we handle the rest.

Neon Signs Explained

Traditionally, these signs make use of inert gas glass-filled tubes. This gas glows with an electrical current passing, which creates the showstopping effect of this signage. Traditional neon signs are fully customisable and are constructed by bending the glass tubing into the desired shape.

Modern options, on the other hand, are LED lights encapsulated in lengths of a high polymer. This popular modern solution gives you the same great look and feel as traditional neon, but with lower costs and easy installation. Long-term maintenance is also easier, as LED lights offer lower operating costs and are easier to replace or repair. These signs are free from glass and mercury, found in traditional neon signs, which also make them a safer choice for personal use.

While the fluorescent tubing of traditional options can shine a single colour, LED neon signs can be customised to display different colours and displays on command. Are you interested in learning more about our neon signs? Talk to your local Signarama expert today for more information.

Things to consider with neon

  • For maintenance purposes, make sure your sign is installed in an easily accessible location to make any necessary repairs or tube replacements easier.

  • Whether your sign is traditional or new neon, a regular maintenance program will have to be implemented to ensure its longevity.

  • The placement of this signage is essential! Make sure to install it in a cooler spot to help enhance the tube life in the traditional alternative.

  • New neon cannot achieve as many tight bends and angles as traditional neon. Keep this in mind when deciding which material will best suit your illumination needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing can vary according to the size and design of the sign. Although neon tends to be a more costly investment, the illumination benefits of this option offer attractive returns on investment.
When it comes to these signs, we recommend that the classic look of neon be adhered to as we believe the aesthetic value of this type of sign is incredible. Choose timeless fonts for maximum impact.
As a specialist item, these signs may take between three and four weeks to complete from the date of the artwork signoff.
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