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Metal signs are a durable way to brand your property

With custom metal signs, you can be sure that your brand will be getting all the exposure it needs. At Signarama, customised, high-quality metal signage is part of our wide range of signage solutions. These signs are most often applied to display a company name, logo and slogan in a striking and creative way. Doing this will not only let clients know where you are, but it may also lead more clients to your door.

Signarama specialise in metal fabrication, manufacturing and the installation of stand out laser / router cut metal signs and lettering for clients all across South Africa. The metal signs offered by Signarama are manufactured from strong, durable metals so clients can also expect a long-term investment. With South Africa’s harsh climate, it is a wise choice. We manufacture metal signs from assorted metals, depending on the scope of the project. Popular metals include aluminium, plate steel, stainless steel, and more.

No matter your business type or industry, with the right metal sign, you can attract attention from passers-by and seeing that we offer to take care of your signage project from design to installation, you can expect long-lasting and professional results!

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