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Flags are great for marketing your brand

Flags are not only used to represent countries but can also be used to represent and market your company. Full colour flags are a great way to attract attention to your business or product, and with the striking, long-lasting flag options available from Signarama, you can expect to achieve maximum exposure. We specialise in the design and manufacture of flags in different shapes and sizes and will ensure that your brand gets noticed from afar.

The basic principles of a well-designed flag are:

  • Keep it simple – people are more likely to recognise and remember a simple design. Most companies simply put their company logo on the flag as this can be clearly seen from far away.

  • If possible, include symbolism – ensure that the colouring you choose symbolises your company’s brand. This way, people will start associating the flag with your brand.

  • Use basic colours – a flag should never be too colourful, as this can make it less distinguishable from far away. If you need to include colour, try to keep it down to 3 colours at most.
    Keep writing to a minimum – too much writing can be difficult to read from far away and will make your flag design less effective.
    Make sure your design is distinctive – by keeping to a simple design and adding your company logo and colours, you can be sure that your flag will be unique to your brand and therefore distinguishable from the rest.

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