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Full face shields suited for COVID-19

Face shields are the new normal. As we all know, the effects of the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 will be a serious concern for the foreseeable future. The new normal of operating has come into effect with various hygiene and safety protocols undertaken by the country and the world. Personal Protection Equipment, hand sanitisers, sanitising sprays and stations, social distancing stickers and Perspex screen dividers are now part and parcel of most establishments still operating during lockdown, and for those that will open in due course.

As businesses, schools and stores systematically open, an influx of employees, clients, patients, scholars and visitors will ensue. The onus of enforcing hygiene and safety protocols will lie with the owners of businesses or decision makers, which is why Signarama is fully geared for this. We aim to assist all industries with their PPE needs and COVID-19 signage requirements.

Our network of Signarama stores are manufacturing full-face shields suited for use where person to person contact is unavoidable. Our face shields are cost effective and an efficient shield against the spread of COVID-19.

Benefits of full-face shields

Signarama’s range of full-face shields are part of our PPE offering and offer various benefits than when compared to cotton cloth masks, including:

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Provides maximum protection from infectious agents.

  • Shields have a high resistance to chemical products, breakage and fire.

  • Cost effective.

  • Eco-friendly as they are recyclable.

  • Easy to clean with soapy water, surgical spirits or sanitisers.

  • Easy to replace.

  • Durable, high-quality PET material.

  • Transparent shields assist for better communication and security concerns.

  • All-in-one solution which replaces the need for separate goggles and masks.

  • Non-porous which achieves optimum protection.

Types of full-face shields

Currently we offer two variants of full-face shields as designs and specifications differ from store to store. Speak to your local Signarama store about the face shield they manufacture.

Option 1

  • 400 mic clear face shield

  • Approximately 210mm x 300mm

  • Head band including a 20mm foam forehead protector

  • Velcro head band strap for easy adjustment

  • Clear full-face visibility

  • Branding can be incorporated onto the head band

Option 2

  • 400 mic clear face shield

  • Approximately 210mm x 300mm

  • 3mm high impact frame with visor

  • One size fits all

  • Interchangeable face shield component

  • Face and shield spacing allows for better non-fogging of the visor

  • Replacement frames available

Contact your closest Signarama store for specifications, pricing and orders. Our expert team is ready to assist you with all your PPE and COVID-19 related signage needs.

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