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Counter graphics that highlight your message

Counter graphics are a great way to communicate health and safety information to patients or customers effectively and neatly. Counter graphics can either be applied to reception or information counters which face incoming people, or they can be in the form of miniature A-Frame posters. Counter display options can also include pamphlet holders and the pamphlet inserts which are easily inserted or business card holders which house the contact information details of an establishment.

Pharmacies, hospitals and till points are great areas for counter graphics as they garner the most traffic in an establishment. The use of counter graphics ensures that minimal hand-to-hand contact is made thereby reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. In uncertain times, it helps to inform visitors, patients, consumers or employees on important health and safety protocols, which is where counter graphics are especially useful.

Perspex holders which contain miniature posters, infographics or important information also form part of the counter graphic signage solution.

What can counter graphics be used for?

Business cards:
Business cards can be housed neatly and professionally with the use of business card holders; these are especially useful in doctor’s consulting rooms or pharmacies.

Perspex holders:
Custom Perspex holders can be used to house either pamphlets, brochures, or small posters that can communicate health and safety information, operation procedures, warnings or product information. These holders are easy to clean, maintain and inserts are interchangeable.

Acrylic display blocks:
Acrylic display blocks are a more permanent branding solution as the graphic is housed in a resin which is a solid block. These display blocks can contain an establishment’s branding as well as a reminder to wash or sanitise hands or to keep social distancing protocols in mind.

Countertop menus:
Countertop menus can be housed in acrylic or Perspex stands or can be made out of cardboard which enables them to stand. The various options that menus can stand atop counters make them a cost-effective branding choice. Countertop menus can also be customised to suit many applications such as in-patient meals in hospitals, or within pharmacies and banks to indicate whether a counter is open.

Brochure holders:
Brochure holders can house brochures or pamphlets in many different ways. These holders can be made out of cardboard, acrylic or Perspex depending on what a client prefers. Use brochures to educate and inform consumers on health and safety information in striking and professional ways.

Pamphlets, leaflets, posters, business cards or brochures:
Signarama will not only help you with your counter graphics but the pamphlets, leaflets, posters etc. that accompany these holders. This ensures you have a one-stop shop for all your signage, graphic and printing needs.

Reach out to your local Signarama store for assistance in all your COVID-19 signage needs, we stock a range of PPE too.

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