Window frosting can create privacy while marketing your brand

Glass windows and doors are ideal for branding purposes, and there are numerous signage options which can be applied whether in your office, shop or any other commercial environment. Window frosting is one such option and is great for creating a sense of privacy without compromising on light.

It can be used in various industries and for assorted applications. One such application is to mark the transition from public to private space in a medical or services environment. Frosting can be customised and can therefore include a marketing message to give your clients a sense of privacy while also providing subtle branding messages. With one-way vision effects, window frosting can also be used to create some privacy in workspaces such as offices and meeting rooms. No matter your frosting requirements, you can rely on your nearest Signarama branch to provide a suitable solution.

With the advancements in technology, frosting can now be done in More than simple white, it can be coloured to create visual appeal, or it can be used in conjunction with full colour graphics to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Window frosting is therefore a practical and cost-effective signage option that serves a dual purpose.

On choosing the right frosting design for your needs

At Signarama, we can apply any kind of window frosting design to meet your interior requirements. No matter how big or small the glass doors or windows you wish to cover, we can assist.

Seeing that your options are endless when it comes to the branding and design you can incorporate into your frosting, here are some questions you should ask when choosing your window frosting:

• Do you want to create more privacy?
• Do you want to incorporate protection from the sun’s glare?
• Do you wish to preserve natural light?

Answering these questions will largely affect the design of your window frosting. For more privacy, for example, you would need to choose a design that largely covers your windows or doors in frosting, with only minimal transparent gaps.

When it comes to the branding you incorporate, make sure that it works with your current interior theme and will enhance your brand. If you are unsure of this, you can rely on Signarama’s experienced team to assist with the process. We offer comprehensive services and will consult with you on your exact requirements to offer a suitable solution.

To start the process of applying window frosting in your shop or office, simply find your nearest Signarama branch and get in touch. Not only will we provide you with the product you want, but we can also arrange for the installation to be done in a professional manner for the best results.

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