Snapper frames allow you to change your branding easily

Snapper frames are designed to allow the owner to change the poster inside the frame as often as he/she wants, without much fuss. These frames are great for exhibiting marketing material both indoors and outdoors and are often used for POS signs. Signarama can provide you with snapper frames in any size you require to help you market your products and/or services wherever required.

Our frames are manufactured from aluminium to ensure a lasting result – and this also allows for the frames to be installed both indoors and outdoors, as it is resistant to weather elements. By snapping your poster into one of our front-loading aluminium frames, you are ensuring the safety and readability of your poster. Our frames hold your posters securely and neatly and will therefore ensure that your poster is visible to a wider audience for longer.
Clients can request single- or double-sided frames and we offer to manufacture our frames in assorted colours to meet your needs. Our frames can also be made tamper-resistant, to ensure that passers-by are not able to tamper with or damage your posters in any way.

Snapper frames are often found in malls, in bathroom advertising campaigns, in take-away restaurants and in movie houses, as it allows for easy updating of the marketing message.

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