Real Estate Signs that bring buyers to you

Real estate signs are a necessary commodity for agents in order to effectively market and attract customers to the properties they have listed. The trick with real estate signage is to use creative signs that entice and allure prospective clients effectively. Many real estate signs look similar which can fall to the wayside because none stand out in the client’s mind. Using unique and eye-catching signs and designs can help your company stand out from the rest and bring customers to you.

The types of real estate signs that can be effective in your marketing efforts:

• Panel and Post Signs
These are the most popular forms of signage used by many realtors. The panels and signs are branded and displayed by pegging them into the ground. These are usually informative boards either showcasing a specific property or as a general advertising medium.

• Banners
Banners are versatile and dynamic, providing easy movement of said banners in and around a property. These banners are made from a high-grade fabric which can be folded and stored in bags for easy storage and transport.

• Vehicle signage
A host of different vehicle branding methods exist to properly market real estate agencies or agents. Magnetic signs, vehicle wraps, one-way vision (or contra vision), and lettering can be utilised for maximum marketing impact and exposure.

• Framed signs
Metal frames are sturdier than ground spikes and can be moved around. Framed signs are generally heavier than panel or post signs.

The importance of Real Estate Signs

1. Marketing is important to real estate success
Real estate agents need to market their listings effectively in order to be successful. Leads are generated when potential clients are driving around in areas where real estate signs are posted. Interested buyers or lessors will contact the agent immediately by using the contact details provided on the signs.

2. Brand awareness
Branded real estate signs increase brand awareness which assist when clients are thinking of researching properties. Branded real estate agents that stick in the minds of interested people provide brand awareness when needed most. These clients are more likely to research the agencies which stuck out in their minds.

3. Identification of listings
Branded real estate signs identify the properties that are available to rent or buy. Clients looking for property will shop with their eyes first and therefore will be able to see properties on the road that catch their interest. Similarly, the real estate agency branded for that property will have the chance to be contacted by the prospective buyer, as their details appear on the sign.

Real estate signs have 2 distinct tasks in the marketing realm. Firstly, to inform prospective clients that a property is available to lease or buy and secondly, who to contact to view the property. If there is more than one real estate agent on the listing, you will want your sign to be eye-catching and memorable. Speak to Signarama about real estate signs today and get the curb appeal you deserve.

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