Perspex Signage: Combining aesthetics and durability

Perspex signage offers an affordable and durable branding solution for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. The material is an excellent choice for simple but impactful signage, and is the ultimate material to add creativity to any space without compromising professionalism. Although the most common designs material involves flat panels with a vinyl application, there are endless ways to create visually appealing signs with perspex. In addition, we can customise your perspex signage to any shape, size and design.

Our industry experts offer high-quality with every sign to ensure that it can withstand the elements, whether it be a building sign for a retail store or an illuminated sign for an indoor space.

Benefits of perspex

• Easy to maintain
• Versatile
• Transparent
• Lightweight
• Affordable
• Waterproof
• Heat-resistant
• Stain-resistant

Why you should choose perspex signage

  1. Environmental Aesthetics
    Whether you are interested in perspex signage for personal use or in a business setting, it can add a sleek, professional aesthetic to your space. Perspex is tasteful and, depending on the design choice, can add a 3D element to your signage.

  2. Durability
    A deciding factor in many signage decisions comes down to its versatility in indoor and outdoor applications. This signage is here to tip the scales! Perspex is a highly durable material that can easily withstand the elements. It is extremely easy to maintain – making continuously stellar signage easily attainable for any business.

  3. Endless Design Possibilities
    Settling on a simple, straightforward perspex sign is always going to be a winner. However, the customisation options with this material makes it a signage dream come true. Perspex offers endless colour options, logo design options and even the ability to offer a clear or frosted surface.

    With franchises across South Africa, Signarama can help make your ideas a reality with our experienced and knowledgeable team of signage experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Perspex is a premium branded acrylic material manufactured to high industry standards, designed to maintain the material’s best qualities.
One of the most desirable qualities of perspex signage is its easy maintenance. To keep this signage clean, all that is required is a simple mixture of soap and water to remove any built-up dust and debris. A soft microfibre cloth is the best choice to wipe the surface of your signage. Harsh chemicals and typically abrasive solutions should be avoided, as they risk scratching the surface. A microfibre cloth can also be used to dry off the surface.
Perspex is known to be an affordable signage solution. This is due to its endless design capabilities and long lifespan. As a result, this offers your business’s branding excellent ROI. The final cost will depend on your sign's size and design complexity.
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