Why Use Signarama for Your National and Corporate Branding?


Flawless Project Management

Our project managers work closely with our network of franchisees spread across the nation. This ensures that every location benefits from an equal standard of products and services, eliminating discrepancies and delays.


Complete Signage Customisation

We recognise that each business has distinct needs. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to create bespoke signage solutions tailored to your unique requirements, guaranteeing your brand achieves maximum exposure.


Consistent Quality

By partnering with you and your team, we strive to safeguard the consistency of your brand identity across all locations. We leverage our brand management expertise to ensure your signage retains a uniform “look and feel”.


Unrivalled Customer Communication

Our dedication to client satisfaction is unrivalled! Our team consistently exceeds expectations to guarantee the success of your nationwide signage project, offering unwavering assistance and strategic guidance at every stage.


Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient

Signarama places high importance on efficiency without sacrificing quality. Using advanced technology and extensive experience, we ensure your signage projects are executed punctually and within the agreed budget.


Commitment to Excellence

We are equipped with all the training required to ensure that we deliver an unparalleled standard of excellence. Our industry expertise also enables us to meet relevant legal requirements regarding your signage needs.

Contact Darren Le Roux, National and Corporate Accounts Manager, to find out more: support@signarama.co.za

We Branded Over 100 Vehicles For Herotel…

With an expansive fibre network reaching more than 400 towns across South Africa, Herotel has made significant strides as a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their mission is to empower communities by providing bigger and better internet services with a unique product offering designed to provide high-quality connectivity to individuals and businesses. When Herotel began accelerating their vision to provide faster, more affordable internet across the country, Signarama was retained to accelerate their vehicle branding to achieve this goal.


Our process began with meticulously mapping out the logistics for a flawless plan of action. After acquiring the specifications of the various vehicles that required branding, we started the design process. Once we found the sweet spot for branding that met their wants and needs, we got the ball rolling to cohesively brand over 100 vehicles – all of which would capture the essence of the Herotel brand!

While the geographical requirements of vehicle branding for this growing brand might have intimidated other signage companies, our vast network of over 30 franchisees and proven operational systems allowed for seamless project coordination across multiple locations. This, coupled with our commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensured the delivery of superb vehicle branding for all their vehicles nationwide.


Our ability to effortlessly manage large-scale projects while maintaining an unrivalled standard of excellence has ensured that Herotel’s fleet branding was completed efficiently, despite the challenges posed, highlighting the importance of choosing an experienced signage partner that not only understands the value of seamless coordination but delivers outstanding results!

Signarama has proven itself to be a powerhouse in the signage industry. Our successful collaboration with Herotel demonstrates our ability to coordinate complex signage tasks seamlessly – positioning us as the preferred signage partner for businesses seeking impactful and effortless solutions.

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