Door Mats that are branded provide a personal touch

One of the first branded items you may see when entering a building is the door mat. The door mat is often an afterthought to established businesses, but the personal touch a door mat can provide can go a long way to building a brand’s footprint. A welcome mat is a great personal touch for businesses that have many walk-in clients or high-traffic areas. Door mats are a great marketing tool for retailers, offices, schools, sports clubs etc. The practicality of branded door mats is not only a safety requirement, but also a great branding canvas. Rainy days are especially perfect for branded mats, as most clients will wipe their feet upon entering an establishment from outside while looking down at what they are doing. A door mat can be both a welcoming practical application as well as a branding opportunity.

What to consider when choosing a door mat for your business

1. Traffic
Your door mat should be able to withstand high-traffic volumes of feet entering and exiting your establishment. The amount of traffic will also affect the efficacy of the branding.

2. Fibre
Choose a fibre that has a substantial longevity and is built to last. Durable fibres are the best materials to work with in terms of door mats.

3. Environmental factors
If you are in a wet, muddy, dusty or grimy area, you may want to choose a mat that can withstand these factors. Absorbent mats will suit wetter conditions in order to be effective as a mat first and foremost.

4. Structure of the design
Traffic patterns will affect the design of your mat. Ensure that your design is efficient to accommodate areas that fibres will flatten due to traffic.

5. Sizing
Choose the appropriate size for your needs. A large entrance will require a substantial mat and vice versa.

6. To colour or not to colour
Bear in mind that bright colours on a mat may fade quickly and need to be replaced more often than darker shades.

7. Grip
If the floor that your mat covers is glossy or slippery, ensure you choose a door mat with enough grip to not become a tripping hazard.

8. Static
Try choose door mats that do not contain static characteristics. Anti-static is the preferred choice.

Speak to Signarama about branded floor mats to enhance your entrance and welcome your visitors appropriately. Leave a lasting footprint upon the entry and exit of your customers and employees.

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