Display Cases for retailers, trade shows or exhibitions

Display cases or showcases are a crucial element of trade show and exhibition equipment within South Africa. Annual shows, expos and showcases are important networking events in any industry. The success of an expo or show will rely on the leads generated during the event. A professional and clear expo space will assist in lead generation by attracting visitors to the stand. Signarama can assist with building branded display cases or printing the desired artwork needed for display cases.

Display cases can service an array of different business needs, such as showcasing products in retail spaces, in showrooms or at expos. Display cases and cabinets can be built to be mobile, lockable, illuminated or collapsible. Visual display cabinets can be designed to highlight or protect certain products within a retail or expo setting.

Display cases are especially important in retail settings as most retailers rely on proper displays to market their products to buyers and entice shoppers. Most retailers will have a display strategy which highlights certain products in certain ways – display cases make this marketing tool easy and effective.

Benefits of Display Cases in the retail industry:

• Effective at displaying products appropriately
Glass display cases provide shoppers with not only a glimpse into what is currently in stock but also into the store. Glass display cases do not obstruct views into or out of retail stores.

• Glass cases are aesthetically pleasing
Glass gives the illusion of elegance and sophistication to a store. The ability of glass to bounce off light also provides the illusion of bigger space within the cabinet and the store.

• Easy to clean and maintain
Display cases are easy to clean and maintain as they are a ‘no mess, no fuss’ solution for many retailers.

• Security
Display cases can be made to be secured with locks or padlocks which keeps valuable items safe and secure while allowing them to be displayed.

• Organised displays
Display cabinets allow for the grouping and organisation of products for a better shopping experience.

• Storage option
Display cabinets and cases can be built with a storage option that shoppers cannot see. The bottom part of these cabinets is normally built as a storage compartment.

• Ease of rotation and mobility
Mobile display cases can be rotated or moved to different areas to accommodate space redesigns. Products are also easily rotated within a display case.

If you require a display case for your retail space, an expo or a show, speak to Signarama about branding or building cases for your business.

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