Cable Displays for sophisticated product showcasing

Cable Displays are also known as wire display systems, are a sophisticated way to display products or services as window displays. Cable displays are often fixed from walls to floors or ceilings to floor or wall to wall via cables and fixings or anchors. Clamps or display pockets are used to attach marketing collateral to the cables. These displays can accommodate pictures, posters, pamphlets or similar marketing collateral. Cable displays are especially popular in real estate offices as window displays due to their appeal of style and elegance.

Industries that make regular use of cable displays are realtors, travel agencies, salons, retailers, fast-food outlets and service orientated stores. Cable displays are cost-effective marketing solutions, as the collateral can be changed or interchanged without having to uninstall or install the cables and anchors. Professional establishments prefer to use cable displays as their choice of advertising as they provide a high-end look and feel.

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