Brochure Holders for organised branding solutions

Brochure holders are a key component of an organised branding display. Brochures are designed to showcase businesses, their products and/or services. Clients want to be able to see and choose which brochures they would like to read and if these are not displayed correctly, the brochures may end up being a waste of money. Consumers are more likely to read a brochure that has been displayed professionally rather than left on a messy pile.

Brochure holders allow for brochures to be displayed properly, in an organised fashion and in areas which are easy to access. Brochure holders can also be adjusted to be magazine or newspaper racks which keep the reading literature in a neat compartment which is clearly visible and accessible.

The many uses of a brochure holder

• Organisational facility to house marketing collateral
• Provides a professional and organised appearance
• Showcases a range of brochures neatly
• Can house magazines, newspapers or print-outs neatly

Space requirements are easily accommodated with brochure holders or stands. Vertical brochure holders and stands take up minimal space and can house a variety of brochures in a neat and secure way. Brochure stands keep office interiors neat and tidy while offering visitors the opportunity to browse brochures they would like to take and read.

Brochure holders can be designed in a variety of styles and formats to suit a company’s business needs. Brochure holders can be desk standing compartments or standing floor displays which house many brochures. The variety of designs mean that any business, big or small, will be able to find a solution for their reception, waiting or meeting rooms. Brochure holders are especially suited for retailers to display and market their products and services.

Where brochure holders can make the most impact

• Trade-show and exhibitor cubicles
• Showrooms
• Information Centres
• Reception areas
• Waiting areas
• Retail store interiors
• Entrances to parks, events or institutions
• Point of sale

If you require brochure holders for a small business or a large corporate, speak to Signarama who can assist and advise you on the perfect solution for your needs.

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