Aluminium Composite Signs | An affordable alternative to solid aluminium

Aluminium Composite Signs offer a multipurpose and nearly imperishable signage solution. At Signarama, we specialise in the manufacture and installation of composite signs made to your unique specifications. Being both aesthetically pleasing and durable, these signs are a popular choice for businesses seeking outdoor signage options. It can, however, also be applied indoors – as reception signs, murals, etc.

Our fusion aluminium/plastic composite sign material is a very substantial substrate for printing made from a unique combination of a solid, rigid plastic core - sandwiched between two aluminium sheets - providing a rust resistant and dimensionally stable sign material, that will withstand all kinds of weather elements when applied outdoors.

Composite signs are a distinctively affordable alternative to most premium solid aluminium signs. Commonly, it consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded together by a non-aluminium centre. The top and bottom is therefore covered in aluminium, usually with a thickness of 0.30mm, and the centre is often polyethylene. These signs are ideal for permanent outdoor signage applications because of their lightweight which makes the installation process easier, as well as their longevity which makes for a good long-term investment.

If you are interested in having Aluminium Composite Signs designed and manufactured for your business’ interior or exterior, feel free to have a look at projects that have been completed by various Signarama branches, or get in touch with your closest store to discuss your requirements.

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