The traditional A-Frame may help boost your business

The traditional A-frame is a very versatile and portable sign solution that is suitable for many different uses. These signs are ideal for businesses to place on the sidewalk in front of their store or business’ door to gain more exposure – and to lure clients to enter. Another popular use for A-frames include real estate signage as it offers the ability to be packed up and moved from property to property. This signage solution is both portable and affordable – making it a great choice!

Signarama has an extensive range of signage options available, and A-frames are part of our selection. We offer various A-frame options to meet your needs. Interchangeable Correx or composite panels, for example, are a great option when you wish to constantly update your messages, specials, or promotions. Custom-designed and uniquely shaped A-frames are also available, and clients can count on us to provide a solution that suits your message and budget.


- Sturdy and ever-popular signage
- Metal and Correx Insert options available
- No better way to capture passing customers’ attention
- A perennial favourite signage item
- Multiple A-Frame sizes available

Standard Sizes

Medium - 600mm x 900mm
Large - 900mm x 1200mm

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