Van Wraps can make your brand go further

With our quality van wraps, your trucks can promote your business while on the road. Attractive van wraps are a great way to grab the attention of potential customers on the road or even to build brand awareness. Van wraps are a good business and marketing decision as the van acts as a working vehicle while advertising your business on the road effectively. Essentially, vans are moving billboards that attract attention on the road and when parked. The brand and marketing value of a van wrap is phenomenal. Branded panel vans build a brand footprint when out on the road and act as a stationery billboard when parked at clients or at the office.

Van wrap reference sheet

• Quality vinyl is used to ensure vibrant designs.
• Van wraps are durable.
• Vinyl is reinforced to withstand scratches, abrasion, UV rays and other environmental conditions.
• Great marketing potential as a mobile advertisement.
• Low-cost marketing mechanism with a high impact.
• Brand awareness potential.
• Highly visible on and off the road.
• Size and complexity of the wrap will determine the cost.
• Easy to keep clean and maintain.
• Once designed, the wrap is professionally applied to the van.

There are different wrap options to suit any budget – from simple lettering or a logo to a range of wraps. Choose between a three-quarter wrap, half wrap, full wrap or one-way vision (contra vision) for your van.

As with any vehicle wrap, it is important to remember that designs should be simple yet eye-catching to accommodate open-road speeds. Drivers will only have a second or two to take in the design and information on the van. Your business name and a contact option should always be prominent and highly visible for the best lead conversion.

Contact your closest Signarama branch for a wrap quote on your van or fleet of vans. Trust the car wrap experts to take care of your branding needs.

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