Signage solutions for your business during the coronavirus pandemic

Signarama is dedicated to helping businesses keep their head above water during uncertain economic times. With the threat of economic instability due to markets crashing, the threat of trade sanctions and pandemics flooding the market, it important now more than ever to keep your business afloat. We understand the importance and gravity of such situations which is why we are geared up to serve you with professional signage solutions required in uncertain times.

Your business during COVID-19

The prevalence of informative or directional signage in changing environments is crucial to most establishments. The medical and retail sector is especially in need of dynamic signage offerings in order to assist, inform or warn clients and patients of procedures or processes which have now changed. Our signage solutions cater to all industries and no job is too small or too big for us.


Wayfinding & Safety Signs 

We can assist businesses or medical establishments with safety and precautionary signage solutions, as well as wayfinding or directional signs. Inform and direct your clients and patients effectively with this use of professional signage.

‘Business as usual’ has been altered and with this change, comes the need to effectively communicate safety measures and procedures. Such messages are suited to both employers, employees and visitors. Perhaps you would like to inform your customers or patients on the importance of hygiene or direct them to where they need to be.

If you are in the retail or restaurant industry, informing clients of your closure, new operating conditions or the fact that you are now offering delivery or take-aways, is an excellent way of adhering to recent recommendations whilst still keeping your business running.

Important safety or warning signs that conform with the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) or World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations and guidelines can be massively beneficial to employers and employees during a time of uncertainty.   

Outdoor Signage Solutions

Businesses that would like to communicate that they are open can make use of custom designed signs which not only inform consumers of this, but also indicate where they are located. Businesses who would like to communicate that they are open for delivery or orders, can do so with well placed signage. Window signage can also be effective in advertising important information.

Drive through or curb side signs, stickers, or decals are another signage solution we offer which may be needed for various applications due to the current climate.

Floor graphics

Whilst floor graphics are generally preferred for advertising purposes, social distancing can be managed through appropriate placement of stickers on the floor of your retail store or business outlet.  This will serve to encourage visitors to maintain spatial considerations. 

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Signarama encourages clients to call or email their local store with their needs, specifications and approval of quotes and designs. There is no need to visit a store, the entire design and manufacturing process can be done online or telephonically.

In order to reduce the risk to exposure of COVID-19, we have a handy tool on our website where you can upload artwork for your next signage project.  Simply navigate to our website, select your store, click on "Artwork Upload" and our team of signage experts will take it from there.  

Our store staff are currently adhering to the hygienic guidelines provided by the WHO and government and are thereby committed to the fight against the spread of this disease.

Contact your local Signarama store for expert advice and products suited to the application and conformity required by the COVID-19 pandemic.