Sign maintenance by a trusted team

Sign maintenance is often overlooked but is in fact vitally important to ensure that your signs achieve the desired result – which is to attract as much attention as possible to your brand.

Just as there’s no point in getting your sign all dressed up if it’s not installed properly, nor does it do you any good if it isn’t maintained to the right standard. What if the lights in one of the letters in your sign isn’t working? Or the tubes in your lightbox have blown? In such instances you are losing visibility and those passing customers won’t be able to see your signs clearly anymore! Also don’t forget that what you see isn’t always the same as what your customers see.

Assorted maintenance programmes to meet your needs

As experts in signage, we at Signarama offer a variety of sign maintenance options and programmes to meet your exact requirements. Whether your signs simply require cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, you can count on the experienced team at your local Signarama to get the job done!

Regular sign maintenance will create a positive brand association – it will show outsiders that you care about your brand and that you make the effort to keep your signs in tip-top shape. This will persuade potential clients that your brand must be reliable, hard-working and honest, whereas neglected signage might lead clients to simply pass your store and rather enter the next best one. If you do not respect your own brand enough to take care of your signage, would you really go the extra mile for your clients? This is something that you should consider!

To avoid problematic build-up that may cause damage to your outdoor signs, regular maintenance is recommended – once a month if possible. Of course, you can also try to clean your signs yourself but to ensure the longevity of your signs, especially when it comes to illuminated signs, it is best to rely on the professionals. Indoor signs also require maintenance checks and services, but not as often as outdoor signs as they are more protected against the elements.

Talk to us about signage maintenance programs, especially on electrical or illuminated signs, so that we can ensure that your signage investment keeps working for you as you always intended.


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