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We have combined our industry knowledge to compile comprehensive signage guides to assist our clients in making informed decisions for their signage needs. For a signage guide that offers detailed insights into your desired signage, its best placement, design advice and inspiration, you are in the right place!

Our dedicated professionals will show you how to use signage to your business’s advantage – from concept to installation. With our professional signage, you can easily communicate through your brand.  

Types of signage

Information signage

This signage aims to provide further information about its location in the form of maps, directories, and information boards. They are most typically found in public spaces or at well-known attractions and are not necessarily intended solely for advertising purposes. It can also include a variety of wayfinding signage.

Persuasion signage

Promotional signage intends to persuade its audience and is hence known as persuasive signage. This form of signage is most typically used for advertising to promote a brand, products, or services to convince the potential consumer to purchase or inquire.

Safety Signage

Safety signs have the primary goal of keeping individuals in the vicinity informed and safe from potential hazards. These signs are typically big and clear to ensure their visibility. They also use easy-to-understand language and symbols to guarantee the understanding of the safety rule.

Navigation Signage

This form of signage acts to provide detailed information regarding direction. Navigation signage is most typically used in public spaces to help individuals find their way around. This can be in shopping centres, business parks or in tourist attractions.

Identification Signage

These signs can be utilised indoors and outdoors to help passers-by indicate important facilities and services. This can range from signage for nearby toilets to signs that indicate where relevant parking can be found. These signs are typically simple in design and easy to understand.

What to expect from our signage guides

  1. Design

Settling on a signage solution involves careful consideration of its design. This includes choosing a solution that is fit for its location and purpose. For businesses, this may involve a design that includes crucial information such as your logo, chosen font, colours and general graphic atmosphere to ensure that it suits your industry to grab the attention of potential clients.  

In our signage guides, our experts offer insight into the recommended factors to consider for the design elements of your chosen signage solution, to ensure that you arrive at the best outcome. With our team’s direct help, you can also rest assured that your signage quality remains your number one priority.

  1. Placement

Various research has shown that signage placement is vital to how it is received by its intended audience. The placement also influences the final dimensions of your signage. For example, billboards will have to make use of more prominent imagery than posters.

Our comprehensive guides can advise on which location will best suit your signage choice and how to achieve the optimal location. Furthermore, our Signarama experts can assist throughout the installation to guarantee that your signage is visible.

  1. Dimensions

The dimensions of your sign will depend on a variety of factors, including its intended placement, the graphics you wish to use,  its target audience and any rules that need to be considered e.g. as set by your landlord, should you be renting your business premises. Whether this signage is indoors or outdoors can also influence dimensions.

For smaller signs, the design space should be used optimally to ensure your message can be received clearly, whether this is to brand your space or provide promotional information. As a result, the dimensions of the sign itself and the design elements on the sign are equally important.

Our product and industry guides provide helpful design insights that could optimise the dimensions of your sign. Our team of experienced signage experts can also provide guidance on which dimensions will best suit your needs.

How to use our signage guides:

Our easy to navigate PDF offers an indexed overview of all the information you may need regarding your potential signage solution. Simply visit our page of buyers guides to download the industry or product guide you are interested in.

Effective signage from Signarama

At Signarama, we can turn your dream into a reality with a range of comprehensive signage. Choosing the right product allows you to enjoy all the benefits quality signage offers. We can assist with options suited to every industry’s needs no matter your vision!

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