Complete project management from an experienced team

We’re wherever you are, making us the #1 choice for all your major signage projects.

With almost 40 franchise stores located across Southern Africa, Signarama is the most equipped company in the country to undertake your major sign project, no matter what your project requirements are. We have an extensive capability in manufacturing, fabrication, installation and permitting and can therefore assist you with your signage project from start-to-end. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer project management services to ensure that your sign project proceeds successfully.

Through our project management solutions, we can help manage your brand - when colour specification is important to you, we can ensure that we get it right for you, wherever the application might be.

What does the project management process entail:

  • Initiation

The first step in the project management process is the start – often referred to as the initiation of the project. This process includes the initial consultation with the client and some strategizing and research to determine how we will go about your signage project. Our signage team will provide you with a quote on the work you want done, and if accepted, we will go ahead with the project.

  • Planning

The planning process is crucial to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly. During this phase of the process, we will set out goals and responsibilities to ensure that all parties know what is expected of them to complete the project.

  • Execution

During this phase, your signs will be manufactured and installed. This part of the project management process often entails the most work, which is why it is important that all processes are monitored closely. We have years of experience in managing signage projects of different scopes and clients can therefore count on us to ensure that their requirements are met.

  • Management

The management and monitoring phase take place along with the execution of the project. To ensure that everything is completed on time and up to standard, we will keep a close eye on every aspect of your signage project. If required, we will adjust schedules and resources to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

  • Closure

Once the project is completed, we will take care of the final requirements to ensure a lasting sign installation.

Talk to the team at your nearest Signarama about your signage requirements – be it in- or outdoors – and rely on them to take care of the rest.