PPE Products for COVID-19

Personal Protection Equipment or PPE products have become a necessity for many people across the country due to the havoc the COVID-19 has caused in its wake. PPE has historically been used only in the medical and hazardous waste fields but the new normal ushered in by the novel coronavirus has deemed this equipment mandatory for people not employed in the medical or biohazard fields. PPE examples include items such as hair covers, shoe covers, hazmat suits or overalls, gloves, goggles, gowns, face masks and face shields to name a few.

As the need has exponentially increased, there has been a shortage of PPE of late, but Signarama has now added this category to our range of products suited to combat COVID-19. Our range of PPE solutions include face shields, cotton face masks, hand sanitisers, personal barriers and intubation boxes suited to hospitals.

We all have a clear duty to protect ourselves, our customers, patients and the communities in which we work and live in, by doing all we can to flatten the curve and adhere to social distancing protocols and hygiene guidelines. With this approach, the systematic opening of businesses and establishments can happen safely and quicker than without such procedures.

Our range of PPE products

Browse our range of PPE products for your employee’s safety needs.

Face shields

Our range of face shields are suited to effectively protect employees while preventing the spread of COVID-19. As these face shields differ in specifications from store to store, customers are advised to contact their local Signarama store for specific details of the face shields they manufacture.

Cotton face masks

Contact your local Signarama store for information regarding the cotton face masks they manufacture if you require this PPE option.

Hand sanitiser or hand sanitising stations

In a bid to offer a holistic approach to preparing your establishment to comply with health regulations, we now offer hand sanitising liquid and stations. These solutions can be custom branded if required.

Perspex dividers

These protective barriers are used to protect people who queue or work side-by-side from the spread of COVID-19 via the transmission of coughing or sneezing droplets. These barriers further solidify the need for social distancing protocols required by government for industries to operate.

Sneeze and cough guards

These Perspex dividers are used for face-to-face contact suitable for tellers, pharmacists, information kiosk personnel etc.

Intubation boxes

These boxes are suitable for hospital use where patients require intubation. As COVID-19 is highly contagious, these boxes provide extra protection needed to keep healthcare workers safe when tending to their patients.

Making use of this product range to not only protect your employees and customers but the community as a whole going forward, will further reassure people that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone. Get in touch with your local Signarama and see the Signarama difference for yourself.