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Posters are a traditional marketing tool that still provide marketers with a fast and effective medium to get messages across to existing and new clients. Not only are posters effective, but also affordable – and it can be manufactured and set up in a relatively short time span, making it ideal for those who wish to market their latest products or services. Signarama specialises in poster printing for businesses in all industries.

Whether you want posters for temporary promotions or long-term installations, our leading-edge printing technology enables us to produce high quality photographic posters in whatever quantities or sizes you require. Digitally printed posters can be mounted in a wide range of ways, including easy change poster frames, unframed, block mounted or in permanent frames.

No matter your requirements, your local Signarama team will assist and provide you with quality prints that are sure to get your message noticed.

Why posters are still an effective advertising medium:

Posters are ideal for small to medium sized businesses’ advertising requirements and have been a preferred advertising tool for many years. Here are some advantages offered by posters:

• Flexible
Posters are a flexible marketing tool as it can be made in any size and you can print however many you need. Furthermore, posters can also be set up anywhere where it may grab people’s attention. Some popular places include public bathrooms (in malls and shopping centres), lampposts, etc.

• Get a message across quickly
Posters are most often more effective than flyers or pamphlets and enable you to get your branding message across quickly. With a compelling message and striking design, your poster is sure to grab attention.

• Continued exposure
Posters ensure continued exposure as your message will be visible as long as your posters are hanging.

• Affordable
Posters are more affordable that many other marketing tools. Of course, the cost will depend on the size, colour, etc., but it will offer you the return on investment you want.

• Can help build your brand
You can align your posters with other marketing initiatives, such as digital campaigns etc., to help build and boost your overall brand identity.

• Can be interactive
Nowadays, posters can be made to be interactive by including a QR-code for example. This will also allow you to measure how effective your poster is.

Our digital printing solutions

No matter the size of your business or reason to search for poster printing services, our digital printing technology offers a hassle-free, eco-friendly solution. Digital printing is cost-effective and offers high-quality large scale results.

The best poster applications include:

• Business promotions
• Decorative posters
• Concert posters
• Festival promotions
• Advertising posters

Considerations for poster printing

Low resolutions will delay the printing process, resulting in poor quality, pixelated designs. The ideal print should be three hundred dots per inch (dpi) or higher to produce the best outcome.

The most common printing size for posters includes A2, A3 and A4, though your needs and location can help better determine which size is best suited for you. We ensure the use of high-quality paper stock to suit your needs and leave you with a clear result.

Although most may have the design they would like printed, those who do not can still enjoy Signarama’s printing services. Our design team can help create your poster design and turn your dream into a reality.

For fast, reliable and professional poster printing, talk to a Signarama team near you.

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