POS Signs | Encourage your clientele to make impulsive purchases

Point of sale (POS) signage is a great way of drawing extra attention to your product or service and can be an effective marketing tool for your business.

75% of buying decisions are made in-store, and the defining factor that often gives one product the upper hand in that critical moment when a purchasing decision is made, is effective signage and branding. Think about it – how often have you made impulse purchasing decisions when waiting in the queue to pay at the tills? This is due to effective signage and branding that encourage you to buy the products in front of you!

Talk to us about implementing effective POS signs in your store. We have access to the latest and greatest in signage manufacturing and can therefore assist you in creating efficient, one-of-a-kind POS signage for your store. Our creative designers will work with you to help you turn your concept into reality and boost your brand through effective in-store signage.

Why POS Signs are a must-have in your store:

Most retail stores make use of POS signage. Not only are these signs great for encouraging customers to buy more when they are inside your store, but it also adds branding to the interior of your store and by communicating with clientele, you may make them feel more welcome during their visit.

Not convinced yet? If you are a store owner, here are 4 reasons why you should consider investing in POS signs sooner rather than later:

1. Encourage communication with your clients
With POS signage and displays, you can communicate with clients entering your store – and this will let them feel more welcome. A client that is comfortable in your store is more likely to hang around longer, which may lead to them purchasing more.

2. Help direct clients in your store
POS signs can also be installed to help clients find their way in your store. Use signage to indicate where the changing rooms are, where the pay point is, etc. Some people do not want to ask for help and this will let them feel at ease in your store.

3. Motivate clients to make impulse purchases
By promoting products and special offers with effective POS signs, you can entice customers to enter your store and also to make impulse purchases. Talk to your nearest Signarama team about strategically placing your POS signage for the best results.

4. Create a unique branding or shopping experience
With unique POS signage, you can create a distinguished shopping experience that may let clients prefer your store above the next store.

Talk to your nearest Signarama team about how you can use POS signs to your own advantage.

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