Floor Graphics are a great form of in-store advertising

In all kinds of business and retail environments, floors offer vast open spaces which can be used for marketing purposes. In retail premises, for example, floor graphics attract the attention of shoppers and are a great form of in-store advertising and can even be applied to direct shoppers to your doors. In offices, floor graphics can be applied to decorate the company in line with your brand, and it can also act as a way to direct visitors. At Signarama, all kinds of floor graphics and signs form part of our product range.

Floor graphics have become a popular marketing choice as it offers a wide range of possibilities – both for temporary and long-term applications. These signage solutions refer to indoor and outdoor options, including adhesives for tiles, sidewalks, etc.

Why floor graphics are an investment you should make

Whether you own a small business or run a large enterprise, we can assist with a floor signage option that suits your needs! If you are still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why floor graphics are such a worthy marketing investment:

• They are noticed
One of the biggest advantages of floor graphics is that they do get noticed. Most people look down every now and again whilst walking and will therefore take notice of your floor sign.

• Endless design possibilities
With these graphics, your design possibilities are nearly endless – which also makes the uses that more diverse. People make use of these signs for marketing purposes, for directional purposes, to indicate health and safety measures, and more. Our team will assist you in deciding on a design best suited to your needs.

• Cost-effective
Floor graphics are affordable and what makes them even more cost-effective is that you only must pay and install them once, and you can expect a high ROI for months afterwards.

• Durable, low-maintenance signage option
For floor signs, we make use of tough materials to withstand high amounts of traffic. We also ensure that the signs do not scratch or stain easily, as we know that thousands of feet will be walking over them on a daily basis.

• Offers a variety of application possibilities
Floor graphics are versatile and can be applied on various floor types, including tiles, wood, concrete, and even carpet. Your local Signarama team will be able to advise you what materials will work best for your application requirements.

To explore your options, please get in touch with your local Signarama team.

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