Custom Mesh Banners to market your brand outdoors

Our Mesh banners at Signarama are ideal for installation in outdoor areas that are often exposed to wind – and are customised to your exact branding requirements. For added strength once installed, our banners come with a heavy duty roped edge (top and bottom) to allow for maximum support. Whether you simply want to have your logo printed on your banner, or you are looking to install one with an intricate design, you can count on your nearest Signarama team for assistance.

Thanks to the fact that Signarama has access to the latest and greatest in printing technology, our Mesh banners can be printed in full colour, making it the ideal branding solution for outdoor festivals and events.

Mesh also offers less resistance to wind than Vinyl, for example, making it the ideal solution in wind-prone areas as it will last longer. Most Mesh banners are printed on a type of Polyester material consisting of crisscrossed fibres, making it both see-through and printable simultaneously. Due to the fact that wind can go through the Mesh, it also counteracts the “sailing effect” and therefore leaves your sign visible at all times. As wind will not cause as much stress to the material, chances of your banner tearing or scratching are also reduced.

If you are looking for a striking yet affordable signage solution, look no further!

More about Mesh Banners:

If you are not yet convinced that Mesh banners are what you are looking for, here are some more interesting facts about these signs:

• Due to its Mesh surface, these banners ensure a vibrant and lasting printed finish.
• If preferred, the banner can also be supplied with a matte finish.
• These banners are 100% waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications.
• Mesh is also resistant to other weather conditions, include wind and hot/cold weather extremes.
• Our Mesh banners are UV protected and your colouring will therefore not fade due to constant exposure to the sun.
• Banners are simple to install and can be displayed almost anywhere – indoors and outdoors.

• It is a signage solution that is suitable for short- and long-term use.
• Designs are fully customisable, so you can choose the size and shape of your banner, as well as the design that you want to print on it. Rectangular and square shapes are the most popular options, but we can assist should you prefer another shape.
• Please note that Mesh banners can only be printed on one-side, as they are see-through.

Mesh banners do not take long to manufacture and install, so if you are looking for a speedy signage solution to draw attention to your brand, be sure to get in touch with your nearest Signarama team to discuss your requirements.

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