With outdoor signs, you will get noticed rain, hail or shine

Outdoor signs help your business claim space in the streetscape, on the roadside or in the skyline, making sure that your brand is noticeable to passers-by. But there’s nothing worse than sagging banners, faded colours or peeling paint, which is why it is best to rely on professional signage companies to take care of your signage requirements.

We at Signarama specialise in a wide range of signage solutions, including outdoor signs. Our experienced teams can help you select and install outdoor signs that will stand the test of time and shine bright for your business, all year round.

Our outdoor signs are manufactured in line with your design and branding requirements, and to ensure a lasting installation all signs are manufactured from quality, durable materials so clients can expect a long-term investment when relying on our services.

Why outdoor signs are important:

Although the business world has evolved into one where digital advertising is more important than anything else, having clear and visible outdoor signs in place is still crucial for local businesses. Not only are outdoor signs there to get your business noticed, but it will also aid in building brand recognition which may help you to succeed.

When it comes to choosing the right signs for your business, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration. These include:


The positioning of your signage is extremely important. You want to make sure that your sign is as visible as possible to those driving and/or walking past. Therefore, take care that your sign is not hidden behind any obstruction, for example. Also, having your sign put up as close as possible to your actual store or office will help lead potential clients to you.


Sizing matters when it comes to your outdoor sign. Not only does this refer to the actual size of your sign, but also to the writing on your sign. You want to be sure that your sign is visible, even from afar, and that people will be able to easily read what it says.


The type of sign you choose is just as important as the design you put on. Different signs are suited for different application requirements, which is where the Signarama team’s expertise can come in handy. We will help you to choose the best signage option and style to market your brand effectively.