Decals | Versatile signage application

Made from varying grades of vinyl, decals can add a low-cost punch to a flash sale or be a permanent and durable part of your window display.

Incredibly versatile, you can use decals for all kinds of applications, from simple lettering to announce your trading hours to full-colour graphics to create an attention-grabbing feature window.

Easily turn your open space into advertising space

Decals are a quick, easy, and affordable option to shake up your business’s advertising. With various possibilities, it is easy to grab the attention of prospective consumers with an impactful decal design.

This can also be utilised further than on location! Decals can be applied to vehicle windows for an excellent on-the-go branding method that is bound to reach hundreds of potential consumers every day.

More about Signarama decals

A decal, also known as window or wall stickers, can be defined as just that – a sticker suitable for applications on flat surfaces. Our decal options can be customised to the size, colour and design of your choice and are printed on high-quality sticky vinyl.

At Signarama, our experience in providing long-lasting branding solutions positions us to advise which design and application will best suit your business. We can also assist with decals for personal use.

Where can decals be used?

• Shop windows and walls
• Business windows and walls
• Home windows and walls
• Vehicle windows

Decals are an effective tool for promoting brands, products and services. Our professional expertise can guide your design choices to ensure that your installed result is sleek, professional, and eye-catching!

Frequently Asked Questions

The steps to install decals are relatively easy. It involves ensuring that the application surface is clean and that the vinyl decal is ready to go! By removing the back, this sticky decal can be applied directly onto the intended surface. There are some general rules for executing a flawless application, which is why our professional team assists with installing your decal.
Yes. Despite their long-lasting nature, decal stickers can be easily removed should you wish to. This makes this an excellent solution for displaying information like trading hours on your business windows, as removing them is an easy solution should information change.
Most decals can be peeled away by lifting a corner of the sticker. Any sticky residue left behind from the vinyl can be easily cleaned from the surface, all without damaging what is underneath! The Signarama team can assist with professional decal removals.
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