Accessibility signs that meet regulatory requirements

With our range of high-quality accessibility signs at Signarama, you can be sure that your business’ premises will be more accessible to your staff and visitors, while also adhering to legal obligations.

It does not matter what type of store or business you have; it is important to let people feel safe and at ease when visiting. This is exactly what accessibility signs are for – it shows people where to go and where not to go. Besides keeping people safe and being a legal requirement, these signs will also help visitors navigate their way around when in your building.

When choosing your signs, it is important that they are visible and easy to understand. Some of the most common accessibility signs include:

• In Case of Fire Emergency Use Stairs
• Fire and Emergency Exit Plans
• Fire Equipment Identification
• Automatic Door
• Stairwell Identification
• Bathroom Access
• Roof Access
• Wheelchair Access

Talk to your nearest Signarama about your property’s accessibility signage requirements and we will make sure to provide you with suitable, quality solutions as promptly as possible.

Why accessibility signs are important:

• They ensure accessibility
With accessibility signs, people will be able to find their way around your building more easily. These signs can indicate access to stairs, entrances, emergency exits, restrooms, etc.

• They are required by law
Regulations stipulate that accessibility signs be placed in your building not only to provide your staff and visitors with ease of access, but also to keep them safe.

• They keep people from harm
Some accessibility signs aim to ensure that everyone is kept safe. These could refer to fire danger, hazardous materials, fire escapes, etc. Applying these signs in your shop or office will ensure that both your staff and your visitors are kept from harm, or that they know what to do or where to go in emergencies.

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