With our Lightboxes, you can shine a light on your brand

Like magpies and shiny objects, the human eye is delightfully drawn to light. Lightboxes are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business 24/7. These striking signs are ideal for use under awnings in high-traffic areas, making your business easy to find from the street or the road. When used indoors, they can highlight your brand above counters and reception areas, giving your brand a polished and professional look.

Lightboxes are an extremely flexible branding format that is custom built to your specifications. It consists of digitally printed translucent graphics that are illuminated with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces. Whether you are looking to apply a branded lightbox indoors or outdoors, Signarama can get the job done!

We supply lightboxes in all shapes, sizes and formats. Our options include anything from slimline edge lit for retail displays to double-sided under awning light boxes, wall-mounted light boxes, and flex face illuminated billboards.

Not only can we design and manufacture your lightbox or illuminated sign, we offer to install and connect it as well, using fully licensed electricians. When relying on Signarama’s expertise from design to installation, clients can expect a lasting result.

Select From:
Single or Double Sided
These lightboxes are designed with graphics on one or both sides, depending on placement of the sign.
LED or Fluoro
Initially, Fluoro lights were used to light up lightbox signs. Nowadays, however, LEDs are more cost effective and have become the preferred choice.
Aluminium or Acrylic
Most lightboxes are manufactured from a combination of both aluminium and acrylic, but if preferred, a client can request that their lightbox is solely aluminium or acrylic.
The Signarama difference

As all Signarama teams have in-depth experience in the signage industry, we can advise you on all elements regarding your signage design, as well as the correct placement in line with council regulations and visibility day and night. We’ll guide you through decisions that need to be made, such as whether your bright branding will be cantilevered off the side of a building or dropped down from an overhead awning. Once your signage requirements have been established, we’ll arrange for the installation to be completed by fully licensed electricians.

Which designs work well for lightbox signs?

When it comes to lightboxes, you want to let the illumination do the work for you! Therefore, keep the design simple, with a company name or branding message only. Consider what the colours will look like once lit-up and to give your sign a unique finish, consider using 3D letters. Lightbox signs are the ideal signage option for retail stores, real estate offices, banks, restaurants and shopping centres in high-traffic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many variables, lightbox signs are quoted on an individual basis. Tailored to suit your budget, lightboxes are competitively priced. Remember that your lightbox will be working and attracting attention day and night for at least five years, making it a hard-working and cost-effective branding solution that offers great ROI.
To take care of your lightbox sign, regular maintenance is required to ensure the electronics are operating optimally. For convenience, ensure that your lightbox is installed with easy access for repairing or replacing LEDs or Fluoro tubes.
Completion times can vary depending on the design, but the process will take a minimum of three weeks.
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