Stickers or decals for branding purposes

Custom stickers or decals are popular as bulk branded collateral for expos, shows, business or product launches or to encourage brand loyalty in consumers. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design of stickers or decals. Various shapes, sizes and designs can be created for any industry’s specifications.

Stickers or decals are suitable for various applications:

• Storefront windows
• Vehicle branding
• Interior décor needs
• Marketing campaigns
• Product launches
• Business launches
• Branded gifts
• Branded merchandise
• Price tag additions
• Decorative purposes
• Mementos
• Brand awareness

Stickers or decals are not outdated marketing tools as many consumers prefer stickers if they are loyal to a brand. The youth will always find ways to display brand loyalty even in the age of technology. Laptops, notebooks, gaming consoles and vehicles remain favourite platforms that young children and adults will use stickers or decals on.

Stickers and decals cannot be ignored as they are still relevant in today’s marketing scope. Promotional products or gifts should include branded stickers and decals as they promote a brand on a much larger scale than initially thought. Decals and stickers are especially important to brand loyalty.

With the advent of creative branding, stickers or decals can be produced in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. Stickers go beyond the bumper of a car – they are stuck on electronics, appliances, motorcycles, bicycles, music equipment, storage solutions, books, cell phones, water bottles, travel mugs and more. Stickers and decals can amplify your marketing efforts when used properly in advertising campaigns.

Brand loyalty and personal endorsements are effective guerrilla marketing tactics which are often used by popular brands in the entertainments, clothing brands, sport and tech industries, to increase brand exposure. Smaller businesses can use stickers or decals to do the same, albeit on a smaller scale. Decals or stickers are designed to complement other marketing efforts and enhance campaigns on a bigger scale.

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