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Do you need digital printing done for your business? Digital printing is a versatile printing technique best suited for short run printing jobs and we specialise in this service. No matter your printing requirements, your local team will try to meet your needs as best we can.

Finding a company that provides high quality printing solutions on a wide variety of formats (such as PVC, canvas, vinyl, etc.) is no easy feat. This is because many printing shops or signage companies lack the capacity to do large scale printing both effectively and to a high standard. Luckily, we have a solution for businesses in search of a reputable provider that can take care of their printing requirements.

As a leading service provider in the industry, Signarama can produce a wide range of high-quality printed products, including posters, banners and other promotional items. We use digital technology to print on various materials such as self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, contra vision, paper and canvas. We make use of the most advanced printing methods and our customers can therefore rest assured that they will always receive the best quality products from us.

How does it work?

In essence digital printing is when the image you desire to have printed is sent directly to the printer through a digital file. A clear high-resolution image is required for the best outcome.

After the image has been selected, crop marks are added as required in order to ensure that no unprinted edges remain on the final printed piece. After this is done printing can occur quickly onto the material of your choice.

Digital printing has proven to be a great alternative to traditional printing methods, such as lithography and flexography, as it eliminates time tedious steps and still has excellent quality.

Benefits of digital printing:

Digital printing is best suited for printing projects that require more attention to detail than accommodated with traditional screen printing. As it is processed by a computer and then printed directly onto the surface material, we can achieve this needed detail.

  • Eco-friendly
    We print directly onto the surface material, which means there is less wastage such as plates and chemicals. In a sense, this makes it an eco-friendlier option.

  • Faster turnaround
    By eliminating the set-up process we can print quickly and on demand.

  • Accurate prints
    It is easy to tweak your colours to ensure that your final print is more accurate. We can also print samples to check quality and accuracy.

  • Quality & colour
    It is also easier to print in multiple colours - and you will be left with a vibrant print. This type of printing is especially suited for the printing of photographs.

  • Cost effective
    Digital printers do not require printing plates which makes them easier to set-up and maintain, which in turn makes them more affordable to use. This is ideal for printing needs with lower budgets or smaller businesses.

  • Customisation
    One of the best benefits of digital printing is its versatility to be customisable. As it is originally a digital piece, it is easy to adjust its colour, size, or design. From postcards to billboards, any size is possible!

More about the types of digital printing

Digital printing can be done on a range of materials, including:

• Thick cardboard
• Heavyweight paper
• Fabric
• Plastic
• Synthetic substrates

What are inkjet printers?
As an advanced type of computer printing, inkjet printers can clearly replicate digital images by depositing droplets of toner onto various materials. This can include anything from glass and canvas to standard photo paper. This printer grew in popularity in the 70s and has since provided advanced technology that has forefronted digital printing development.

What are laser printers?
Laser printing can be best described as an electrostatic form of digital printing. The process offers high-quality printing of text and imagery by repeatedly sending laser beams back and forth through a negatively charged cylinder. This cylinder, known as the drum, then collects the charged toner to transfer onto paper.

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