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How a business uses signage and lettering for their marketing efforts can enhance their bottom line. Attracting clients through effective signage is paramount to a business’s success. Lettering and graphics are an important component of effective signage that can bring in valuable business. Use lettering and custom graphics to lure customers to your business. The application of eye-catching lettering and graphics on a store front or building is not only a good branding opportunity but also a wayfinding solution for clients. Bring more clients into your store or office by using clear and defined lettering.

Lettering is especially significant in retail settings, where the need to be identified instantaneously is paramount to good sales. Your lettering should be brand specific, easy to read, easy to identify and visible.

Why is lettering important to your business?

1. Business Identification
Lettering and graphics help to identify your business.

2. Business Type
Lettering and graphics help tell customers what type of business you operate.

3. Wayfinding
Lettering and graphics help identify your position, like in a busy shopping centre or business complex.

4. Stand Out
Bold lettering allows you to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of customers.

Lettering may seem inconsequential, but it is not. The right font, colour, illumination and size of lettering or graphics all play a role in grabbing the attention of passers-by. Careful thought must be given to the type of lettering used to market your business effectively.

What to consider when choosing lettering

• Font
The font you choose in your design will need to translate well into lettering. There are certain fonts which work best to be seen from distances, and those that are better suited to smaller spaces.

• Colour
If you will be illuminating your lettering, consider how the lighting will affect the colours you have chosen.

• Shadows
Keep in mind that if your letters are shadowed, these may not be represented properly in lettering. Complex designs often affect lettering in negative ways.

• Design
Choose a suitable design which captures the essence of your business and steer clear over over-complicated designs which will not relate well as letters.

• Illumination
Illuminated letters can be highly effective but only when done properly. Ensure the illumination will not detract from the branding.

Speak to Signarama if you would like to incorporate lettering and graphics into your marketing efforts.

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