Building signage | Make your business a landmark

The best building signage forms a part of the fabric of a city. When you invest in striking signs, your location becomes part of the community’s mental map of their neighbourhood. From large scale neon to simple but striking window lettering, we have options for your business and budget.

Your location. Your message.

With dedicated teams located across the country, we have the skill and resources to offer leading signage solutions that fit your exact requirements. Whether you are interested in small or large solutions, we can assist throughout the process – from professional graphic design services that perfect the design of your sign through to installation, to leave you with a lasting result.

As Industry leading specialists, we can assist in creating cohesively designed signage that suits your space's indoor and outdoor requirements. We also have the experience needed to offer businesses in all industries solutions suited to their brand and physical environment.

The Importance of Building Signage

Building signs are of your most hardworking employees! The 24/7 nature of these signs ensures that your location is easily recognised in a way that is true to your brand. This is crucial for building business credibility to attract new clients.

What this signage does for your business:

  1. Solidifies your brand

Your business signage should communicate with existing and potential clients. This communication is achieved by balancing your overall brand, location and signage design! For example, using a casual themed font and magician themed imagery on signage for your Doctor’s office definitely will not give off the right impression.

With professionally designed solutions that suit your industry, you can immediately instil confidence in your potential clients before they have even walked through the doors of your establishment.

  1. Provides long-lasting advertising

Signage is an affordable advertising medium due to its ability to last for years and appeal to potential clients without ongoing effort. As a result, building signage is useful for helping identify your space and advertising it – all in one!

  1. Informs potential customers

Growing your business is all about selling yourself to potential clients, who may not even realise their need for your services or products. Building signage lets you do just this! With a wide range of solutions, spanning from artful window signage to cleverly designed shopfront signage, your signage has the power to convince consumers to take a closer look at your business. This can be achieved by subtly providing further information through various forms of signage.

  1. Cohesive environment

Signage is the number one tool for branding business spaces. With Signarama, you can enjoy a cohesively branded space that will emit an air of sophistication without you having to lift a finger. This consistency will leave a lasting impression that makes it easier for people to identify your brand in the future, even if it is not in your physical location.