With expert bakkie branding, you can generate fresh leads on the road

As well as a valuable asset, your bakkie could also be one of your biggest marketing opportunities. With professional bakkie branding, your bakkie becomes a mobile billboard that promotes your brand on the road. This will lead to your company making an impression on passers-by, while on job sites, and wherever you go, leading to an increase in leads.

Whether you’re looking for tray signage or bakkie graphics, we at Signarama have a range of options available when it comes to work vehicle signage. Our vehicle wraps are state of the art and are the ultimate way to impress both existing and potential clients. We have different options available for your vehicle - magnetic signs, for example, are great for shared-use vehicles, while one-way-vision vinyl is a quick way to make the most of your rear window. 

Our creative teams work closely with our clients  to create custom graphics that will promote your brand effectively and that will deliver your message accordingly. Talk to your nearest Signarama team today for a free quote.

When choosing your bakkie signage, keep the following in mind…

Bakkie branding is a long-term investment, which is why it is important that you approach the design carefully. You want to be sure that your final design will attract as many potential clients as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting your design, to ensure a great result:

  • Don’t rush with the design

Do not rush with the design! Our Signarama team will work with you to create a design that meets your preferences and requirements. We will not go ahead with the printing or application of your bakkie wrap before the artwork is signed off.

  • Use striking colours

The bolder your wrap design, the more attention it is bound to receive. Therefore, when putting your design together, be sure to make use of bold and striking colours as this will be more visible to people you pass on the roads.  

  • Do not overcrowd your design

Keep your design as simple as possible. Overcrowding your design with too many elements will make it difficult for onlookers to see what you are advertising. Eliminate unnecessary clutter to ensure that your branding message stands out.

  • Emphasise you brand message

You want to be sure that your branding message is recognised immediately. Therefore, make your message clear and keep it short and simple to enhance its impact.

  • Keep copy to the minimum

Seeing that onlookers will have very little time to understand what they are seeing on your vehicle wrap, rather keep the copy to a minimum. However, make sure to include your company name and contact details.